About Hospicy Cordis

We were founded at Christmas Eve in 1990. On this day, when nothing has to be declined and everybody share love as they do with wafer, people whose desire was to find the way to the neighbour's heart by ministry to the dying have met. Several people (doctors, nurses and people of different professions), ready to serve to the passing away, have gathered at the beginning of 1991.  This group of people voluntarily ministered at ill's homes for about 4 years. The idea of establishing of  The Hospice has constantly accompanied to the volunteers of the Cordis Hospice. This dream came true on February 19th 1994, at the opening of our Hospice Home  - Hospitality of the Heart of Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus. The aim of the Cordis Hospice is to bring humanitarian, versatile and specialist aid to the dying and preparing them for dignified death, as well as taking care of their families. This care  is being brought to the ill people at their homes in Mysłowice and adjacent cities and also at the Hospice Home.
On November 21st 1998 we have opened Betlehem  -  Children's Hospice Home of God's Providence of Little Guardian Angels at Social Society Of Cordis Hospice in Mysłowice. The aim of this Hospice  is to create  real home, in which children spend their last moments. It was established as an answer to the lack of  supply of children's care, which we have provided since the beginning of  Cordis Hospice existence. We are the Site, which is involved in taking holistic care of the children passing to the Eternity due to cancer disease. The target of the care is to meet all the children's needs.
By giving them an opportunity of staying amongst people they love we fulfill one of the most substantial needs, need of safety. The wish to fulfill it make us take care of children first of all at their homes. We cover the area of 60 miles around Mysłowice.

Hospitality of the Heart of Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus consists of the Hospice for Adults and Hospice for Children, Daytime Hospice Care Centre for Children, Adolescents And Adults, Centre Of Hospice Home Care For Children, Adolescents, And Adults, Centre Of Continous Hospice Home Care For Children, Adolescents, And Adults, Hospice Care Outpatient Department, Ozone Therapy Outpatient Department, Decubital Treatment And Prophylaxis Outpatient Department, Kinetic Rehabilitation Outpatient Department, Outpatient Department Of Treatment Of The Lymphatic Oedema. Hospice Care Of Berefts Consists Of: Support Groups Fellowship And Outpatient Department For Care Of Families Of Ill People And Berefts.
At Hospitality of the Heart of Saint Therese of the Infant Jesus the homely atmosphere is created with great effort.  In our hospice family of the dying person can stay day and night, as we provide them room to sleep.

Beside that we run non-medical activities by organizing numerous cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, auctions etc. We also take wide educational action. Multidisciplinary therapeutic team should have an opportunity to update skills and knowledge by taking part in trainings.
Year by year the hospice activity is being extended. Our Hospice Home does not meet the requirements of proper modern hospice care.  Looking for new solutions we have started endeavors to move to new place. It will be the unfinished building of primary school at the cross road of  Katowice.  This modern hospice, meeting all requirements, will become the perfect foundation to create new patterns of ill people care. Therefore it requires proper infrastructure - modern, well equipped Home, joining traditional elements with opening to new solutions. Such hospice can also become culture-forming center and moreover the site where the idea of human wellness is fully realized.


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